Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pooh Class!

I am excited to finally post pictures of my kids, Pooh class! There are 18 of them in total and they are all together when my Korean co-teacher Katie and I are together. Otherwise, they are divided into two teams - pink and blue. When I am with them alone, I am with one team at a time. But nine 4 year-olds is still so many. These pictures are from the school website. It was P.E day when most were taken, so they are wearing their funny uniforms. Plenty more pictures to come!

Pink Team
Bosco: A newly emerging favourite. Bosco is always smiling, giggling and having a great time! He is fun to be around, we build blocks together. Also he is super smart.
Brian: Super sweet and shy, gives me daily hugs. Really smart and very trendy. Usually  rocking Levis, flannels and cardigans. Was and instant favourite and still is! Jenny Star's bff. PS That's a perm...

Caleb: Can you see the evil in his face? This kid gives me so much trouble! Likes to throw tantrums and chairs when I threaten not to give him stickers.
Lewis: Natalie's crush/bff. He is a neutral kid I guess, smart and happy. Not much to report...which isn't a bad thing!
Sean: The strangest one by far! I often see him licking the air, dancing, and poking other kids. Avid nose picker.
Linda: Doesn't like to share her legos with me, or much else for that matter. But her mom told me that she pretends to be me at home and talks about me a lot so I guess she likes me!
Jenny Star: Favourite!!! Jenny is the happiest, most mature and probably smartest kid in the class. She is always in a good mood and is so considerate of others. Head and shoulders, knees and toes is her favourite song. Also, she is super trendy and usually wears cute leggings, skirts, knit cardigans and scarves. Her and Brian are bffs.
Hera: Does she look like a bit of a space case in this picture? Because that's sort of what she's like. Doesn't pay much attention in class and is shy. But still cute of course. Favourite book: Brown Bear. Favourite classroom activity: bathroom breaks.
Natalie: Class flirt! She loves Lewis and is always calling his name and following him around. Her mom complained that I don't play with Natalie enough so her and I have become better friends since, ha :)
Blue Team
Mickey: Gives me hugs constantly. He is definitely full of love. Is a bit of a crier when he doesn't get his way though. What a cutie, I can't hold that against him. 
Jerry: Will scribble on his book the whole class, throw it when he is finished, get me all worked up, and then wanna hold my hand as we walk downstairs. Caleb's blue team twin. Good thing he is is smart and cute!
Eric: Such a cutie!! One of my favourites! He is the most excited one to see me in the morning. He is the youngest and is a bit slow, but he makes up for it with this love. LOVES dinosaurs!
Alan: Very smart, mature and serious. Likes to tell other kids to sit nicely and be quiet. Will probably grow up to be that guy in class who always puts up his hand and loves to talk until the professor has to cut him off. You know the one...
Vickie: A really happy and outgoing kid, but also kind of neutral. She has a lot of potential though and I could see her becoming a favourite in the near future..
Grace: The smallest one in the class (along with Eric). But don't let her size fool you! She is really smart and outgoing and is always, always smiling. She rocks some great hairstyles. So cute!
Chloe: I don't really use this word but it's a good one for Chloe, cheeky. She is so funny! She's got more facial expressions than many adults, and is pretty stubborn when she doesn't get her way. Class tattletale. When a kid is being bad, she gives me the look and says, 'Stefany, Katie Teacher', meaning she will tell my Korean co-teacher about it.
Jenny Heart: Jenny is pretty mischievous. She gets in trouble a lot, but has the most genuine apologetic face, so you can never stay mad at her. She's got the best laugh too, so childlike and unreserved. She is really growing on me!
Annie: One of the smartest kids, she remembers more words and song lyrics than anyone else. Is really eager and I can definitely see her becoming and overachiever. Anyway, she is cute and she listens, and if all kids were like Annie then wow, I could probably teach for a very long time.


  1. I like how the two stylish kids are bffs! so cute!

  2. Michelle L. Smith2 May 2011 at 13:50

    I love Brian's hair and that he has put that much effort into getting dressed for school!