Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sam is Here

Life is good! Sam has been here for 3 weeks and it's been amazing having her around. My life really feels more complete. It's also been fun to hang out with her friends from Hanyang University. They are all international students from Europe, which is a nice change because I feel like everyone I know in Korea is American. Nothing against Americans of course, but change is always refreshing. Sam spent the first weekend at my place and I spent the next at hers. The first weekend we went to Club Volume to see a Japanese DJ . We met up with my friend Songjae and some of his friends. It was a really great night, Sam made it pretty late considering she was really jet lagged!

Bus stop photoshoots, of course :)
Last weekend was a 4 day long weekend for Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving. I was planning on staying in Friday night but I called Sam and she was going out for someone's birthday to Club Ellui so I decided to meet up with her and her friends there. Again, it was such a fun night! I don't know why I was so opposed to going to clubs when I first got to Korea. They're actually a lot of fun. Especially when you don't need to pay cover, heh :) I don't have many pictures from this night, except for these of us in the bathroom, entertaining ourselves with the Gargle Dispenser.

Saturday night we met up with some friends of mine from Australia who are visiting Korea for a few weeks. We met up in Hongdae, ate some Korean food, and went to a concert...which we all left early for different reasons. It was good to see them and I hope to catch up with them when they're back from their trip to Jeju Island.

Having Sam here has been great on so many levels. It's way more than having someone to go out with. It's having someone here who I really love and who really cares about me and understands me. It's been very comforting. And Sam is really into healthy eating and she is almost a vegetarian and she loves to work out and be active -- all things that are really important to me. Although we've been friends for 10 years (!!!) we haven't lived in the same city for 6 of those years. And as much as we've always been able to tell each other everything it's so different to be living so close and be around each other more often. I think we are both realizing we have so much more in common than we thought. And we both really needed each other in ways that we didn't know. So, yeah, I am happy :)