Monday, 26 December 2011

Frances' Visit

Frances and I traveled together down the coast of Queensland for two or three weeks in 2009. We also lived together in Melbourne for four months that same year. And by that I mean she took me in when I ran out of money...she let me live with her for free! If it wasn't for her I would've had to leave Australia early. We shared her room and even though we were always hanging out we never got tired of each other or got into any arguments. She is probably the most easygoing person I know. So when she said she was flying to Korea to stay with me from November 15th to December 8th I knew that I didn't have to be worried about us sharing a small space once again. Funny enough, my whole apartment is probably the size of her room that we shared in Melbourne.

She is now living in London and I am so happy for her! But also jealous because Sam is moving to Paris very soon and they will be so close to each other. And because I want to live in London!! The grass is always greener I guess...

Anyway, having Frances here made me appreciate all of my best friends so much more. It's so nice to have that person who you don't have to ask if they want to hang out on the weekend because it's assumed that you will be. Ah, two more months in Korea.

I miss you guys.

Frances, Sam and I at the Seoul Lantern Festival
Vegetarian Korean
Should've bought the jacket