Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Month of Fun

This is my first post in a month - maybe I am not cut out for the blogging world. Regardless, I've been having a lot of fun and loving Korea more and more. I can't believe it's been three months already! The weeks fly by because work has finally become easy. I really love my Pooh class and I've become really comfortable teaching them and just teaching in general. When I leave the class at the end of the day the kids run up to me and latch onto my legs, it's super cute.

The rest of my classes are great also - with the exception of the 6 year old Supsok kids. Their progress has been so minimal and I really dislike teaching them. But there's not much I can do about that except keep try to stay positive and cheerful when that's not what I am feeling at all. But maybe with time it will get better...and really, no job is perfect. So here are some fun things I've done this month.

One of the teachers from my school, Brian, introduced the new teachers to his friend Seowoo (aka Steven). It's great to finally have a Korean friend because I do feel like there is generally a big divide between foreigners and Koreans. The first thing we did together was the Cherry Blossom Festival, which was really beautiful.

Katie, Brian, Me and Seowoo

At the beginning of May we had a long weekend, it was Children's Day. So the day before that was Green Day (made up by our school)...which was just a day of fun activities for the kids. Which was also perfect for us because it meant we didn't have to teach!

Pooh Class
Probably the most fun thing I did this month was World DJ Festival in Seoul. Katie, Bill and I shared a tent and made many great memories :) But really, it was an awesome time and we even though it rained the first night it was sunny and hot and amazing the second day.

Katie, Me, Bill and Max

I found this wig at the market/shopping area below the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul and fell in love with it. I wore it for most of the day on Saturday and so many Koreans wanted to take a picture with me, haha . I had fun :)

And of course there have been many amazing nights in Seoul and other things I haven't taken pictures of. Even when I bring my camera places I find that I don't take many pictures, if any. Also with the whole blog thing...I work long hours every day, then yoga 5 nights a week and gym 3 so when I get home I just want to relax :)

But yeah, I love Korea!!!