Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Love Notes

I got this drawing from a girl named Michelle who is in my 7 year old (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Supsok class. I got it a while ago and meant to put it up earlier... Anyway, it was the first thing that I received from one of my kids and it made me smile a fair bit. I felt sort of silly getting excited about it but it's nice to know that (some of) my kids really like me!

The 7 year old Supsok classes are now enjoyable! The kids are great and even when they are really distracted I feel like they know what is going on and I can communicate with them a bit. And they are full of love. The 6 year olds (Tuesdays and Thursdays) still don't like me much, don't know what's going on, and don't like coming to school.

I don't think that I mentioned before but these kids go to Korean kindergarten every day from 9-3 and then come to our school for an hour and a half of English. I don't really blame them for acting the way that they do, they are probably more frustrated than I am.

Overall, teaching is getting much easier and I am getting into the routine of things. I can tell how long certain activities will take and how long I will have the kids' attention for, which makes planning classes easy. Also time is flying by! Which is both a good and bad thing...

I'll forgive her for spelling my name wrong :)

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