Saturday, 2 April 2011

MGMT and Palaces

You know when you're drunk and you make excited plans to do something awesome? Well that's how I ended up seeing MGMT. I was out last weekend with Adrienne and Lesley, two teachers from another school and they told me that MGMT would be playing in Seoul on April 1st. I've seen them live twice before, both times at Coachella, and I wasn't too impressed but I do really like them and got excited at the thought of seeing live music. I thought about it later and decided that $100 wasn't worth it and that I wouldn't go. But before I got a chance to tell Adrienne and Lesley I got a message saying that the tickets had been bought! I thought it was kind of funny and I am not a flake so of course I went to the show.

I had to take the subway by myself because Adrienne and Lesley got off work earlier than me and they needed to go pick up the tickets thirty minutes before the show. After work I pretty much ran home, got changed, stopped off at the convenience store for some Soju and energy drinks and ran to the bus (you have to take the bus to get to the subway stop). Soju is like vodka but sweeter and not as strong and maybe too easy to drink. You can get away with drinking on the bus but the subway is different. Also I was by I came up with this ingenious solution.

2 energy drinks + 1 bottle of soju - contents of 1 tea bottle = fun subway ride

I got to the show and Adrienne met me outside with my ticket and told me to buy a couple of cans of beer from the vendors. I've never seen anything like that - tables filled with beer and Soju outside of a venue. As far as I know, there wasn't a bar inside so it was pretty convenient. MGMT came on right away and they played a really good show! I had so much fun! They ratio of new to old songs was probably about 60/40 which is decent. And they played Congratulations which is my favourite song off the new album so I was happy. I think the first time I saw them wasn't great because nobody really knew who they were yet and the second time they had become really big but we were too far back to fully enjoy the show. The crowd in Seoul was perfect!

Lesley and I
Not sure why we took this picture

On Saturday my friend Brandt and I did some sightseeing in Seoul. This is his second year teaching so he knows his way around the city quite well. I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to see so we walked around for a few hours and checked out Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was so quiet and beautiful and a really interesting contrast to the noise and energy of Seoul.

I once again had a really fun weekend and now back to reality...another week of work. I am slowly getting into the routine of things and getting used to working full time. I'm also realizing how good I had it at home with my two very, very relaxed jobs!

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