Friday, 11 March 2011

TGIF (seriously!)

It's Friday night and I am so thankful because this week was extremely exhausting! I am not used to working full time hours or running around after kids. I met my 6 year old Supsok kids and they were such devils! I have felt like I didn't have constant control over classes before but this one was such an extreme. At one point 2 of the kids got up and started washing their pencil cases and erasers in the sink while the rest chased each other around the tables. I felt so helpless. Luckily, the room was connected to the next one by a window and I managed to get over there and get Dennis' attention by making what he later called a very worried and scared look that made him laugh. But anyway, he came over and got my kids under control. I was, and still am, very grateful. I guess I have to learn to raise my voice once in a while.

My Pooh class keeps me going though. They are unbelievably cute and some are already starting to really like me. During play time today, about 5 kids were crammed into the small playhouse and were yelling STEEE-PAAA-NYYY to get my attention...then I would make a scary rrrroaarrr sound and they would laugh as though I had just told the funniest joke ever. For me, it got old fast but that was definitely no the case for them.

I felt super grumpy and tired all day today but luckily it ended on a really good note and made me realize I will eventually get used to teaching and even enjoy it. I have a small class of 5 older kids...well they are less than 10 years old...but anyway, their English is quite good.  We finished the work 20 minutes early so we played a game. Each student was standing at the whiteboard with a marker in hand and I would tell them a word from the chapter we had worked on that they had to spell.  Whoever finished first and had the correct spelling won. It was fun, and they got so into it that by the end they were taking off their jackets because of all the running around and excitement. Then at the end of the class, one of the students said, "Thank you for today's lesson, Stefany Teacher "(oh, we are all called by our first names and Teacher). It was such a good way to end such an intense week.

I just need to remind myself that like other fun things in life, the good and bad both come in waves.

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