Tuesday, 1 March 2011

First Day

I got picked up from the bus stop thinking I was on my way to a nice warm bed but instead I was dropped off downtown and went out for a 9pm dinner (and drinks) with all of the teachers. Ended up getting drunk and having a good night, minus getting lost. I posted some pictures from my visit to Seoul today. As of right now I wish I lived there, but I live in Suji which is 40 minutes away. I hope it grows on me! Haha I just read this post - okay not too interesting, but bear with me, I am not a blogger. First day of class tomorrow, wish me luck!

More fish!
For Roxy
From Seoul Tower

Locks of Love


  1. Are you teaching in Korea? ahhhh, i'm so jealous! I'm going to blog stalk you now! lol

  2. Totes following you my love <3 keep blogging, mine is horribly written but it's always nice to know what you're up to! xxxx Rosie