Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Long Week

Okay, looking back at my first post my tone seemed somewhat pessimistic but I think it was just because I felt like I had to give some type of an update and I rushed it. That first night was great, eating and drinking with new people is much better than a boring, lonely hotel room. So just to clarify, I like it here so far. A lot!

I moved into my apartment a couple of nights ago. No more love motel. I am still setting stuff up so I hope to have pictures up in a few days! The school is a fifteen minute walk away. I think I can do it by myself now... and if you know me, you know that is an accomplishment. In the morning I teach the Pooh class (every class is named after a Disney character). I was told they are 5 years old and although that's true in Korean years, in North American years that is 3 or 4!! They are babies! In Korea, you are 1 year old when you are born. The young kids are adorable and so well dressed! I helped a 3 year old take off his Burberry jacket on the first day. After lunch I teach 2 other classes (Supsok) in which the kids are older but know very basic English. Pooh and Supsok classes are every day of the week. On every day but Wednesday I teach other short classes to kids who can speak English fairly well. Those are much easier but less interesting.

The Pooh class is suuuuper cute! But I know it will be hard because they look right at me and speak to me in Korean and all I can say is I don't understand...then they giggle and run away... probably because I've finally said something they understand. But eventually their frustration will come out in the form of tears.

So far I've stacked blocks, sang songs and danced, cleaned up a bloody nose and witnessed a barfing incident involving milk...but tomorrow I teach the Pooh class without the Korean co-teacher and I am nervous! I assume there will be some criers.

These 4 pages are tomorrow's lessons. Hope I can keep them entertained!

More to follow on going out in Seoul!

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