Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Thick Thighs

"Asian girls are so tiny" is a generalization that I have heard many times and thought to be true myself. And yeah, maybe they are, but it doesn't always come naturally. The rest of what I have to say is in reference to Korean girls because I am not sure of others, but it likely applies.

Korean girls are generally small. They have a small frame and are fairly short. But if they are skinny it is usually due to a conscious effort on their part. It is in terms of what they eat and drink more than how often they work out. I am not completely criticizing this because I am attracted to slim and toned healthy bodies. Also, I am a small girl myself and I work for it - at the gym and I watch what I eat. I haven't always been in the shape I am in now, so I know it takes a lot of effort. But the difference is that I like that my body is toned, and I think girls with muscle look great. That doesn't seem to be the case with most Koreans.

So if you see skinny and small Korean or Asian girls don't think that it comes super easy to them. There is sooo much pressure in this part of the world, even more than in the west, I think. At least it's a lot more forward and accepted here. From bleaching skin, to plastic surgery, to other crazy beauty solutions (that I might do a blog post on), Korea's got it all!

Anyway, this post was inspired by this video that was brought to my attention. I find it completely ridiculous and offensive! And sad, really. I am not too familiar with many aspects of Korean media - I don't watch TV or read magazines or anything - but I think this is a pretty good representation because Arirang is a major TV network. Enjoy!


  1. Its hilarious that they use the term healthy with a negative connotation... Anorexic looking is what is beautiful here in Korea.. Pale, frail and bone skinny. If you do not look like a shrunken porcelain doll, well then girl.. you need to get out the bleach and the scalpels, stop eating and get out the concealing clothes. I think this is absolutely disgusting, and I agree with you Stef, it definitely is a normal and accepted part of the culture here. This needs to be scrutinized and challenged. Healthy is a state of well being, internal more than external... when we start using the word healthy to mean overweight, there is unquestionably a big problem to be confronted....

  2. Same here in Taiwan... My friend told me she cannot exercise or she will be too big, and that her doctor (!!) told her not to go to the gym but to just avoid eating and to take the diet pills he prescribed. Horrific.

  3. they are just fine. Thick legs are really good too