Saturday, 26 November 2011

Faking It

Here is a video that Frances made of me teaching. She spent a day with me and filmed my kindergarten classes. When I first watched it all I could think was, 'does my voice really sound like that? So fake and annoying and such a weak attempt at enthusiasm!' Anyway, then we made another video (which will soon be posted) outside of school and I thought my voice sounded normal. Haha. So anyway, here is a bit of insight into how I spend my weekdays.


  1. oh it doesn't work on my ipad and I want to see it so much! is there a youtube link or something anywhere??

  2. hahahahaha stef: "whooooos wallet is this "
    kids: "oooo waaaa iyeee"
    stef: "it's hiiis"
    kids: "iiii hiiiii"