Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Valentine's Day According to 11 Year Olds

I teach this speech class at Langcon and it's sometimes really enjoyable. The students can speak really well so I can actually have conversations with them and joke around. Also, the class is not taken too seriously by the students, my bosses or the parents.  I really like this because there is no pressure on me. I can be relaxed.

Every week they are given a new speech topic and have to write a short essay about it and then I edit it and they present in front of the class. Today's topic didn't seem super exciting but three kids managed to make me laugh with their speeches...so I photocopied them and took pictures to post on here. I hope they are legible. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day is about being with the one you really love: YOURSELF :)
He figured it out early on...girls are very crazy and stupid!
A very Korean Valentine's...a lot of meat, instant noodles, a jjimjilbang, PC room, arcade...the fun doesn't end 


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  1. thats hilarious - the second one is just great!