Saturday, 6 August 2011

Home in March

Soooo coming to Korea I thought that I would teach here for two years and not go home in between. And although I might still teach here another year, I have decided to come home at the end of my contract. Two reasons: first, Korea didn't magically change my spending habits and I am not even close to saving as much as I should be; and second, I must admit that I miss everyone back home in crummy old KW.

I will be back in the beginning of March for about a month or so. Then off to California and Coachella with my lovely Roxy in April and then I am not sure what after. I will have to stat figuring it out by the end of the year. Maybe I will come back to Korea to teach (adults though, no more kids). Maybe I will get lucky and find a job in Shanghai, my most recent fixation. I have no idea where I will end up really, but I am excited about that!

So it may be seven months away but mark your calendars! March 2012 I will be back in Southwestern Ontario.

Do you miss me? Cause I miss you!


  1. Honestly, that's probably not a bad idea at all. I actually talked to Roxy last night about coming to Coachella with you!!! I've always wanted to go, but it fell right smack in the middle of exams! But my plan is to stay in Korea with you until January, then travel until March (around Asia) and then depending on money.. either move to Cali for a bit, or travel somewhere else... or move back home and save up again.. we shall see. Either way, March will be great for you.. and I think the months in between will fly by <3 Sam

  2. Sam I would love for you to come to Coachella! Tickets are on sale again in January and I know by then others will wanna join in the fun too so I hope you can. Ah, can't wait to see you! Exactly 3 weeks today!