Sunday, 10 July 2011


This list is in no way exhaustive, but it's a start. Here are 10 things that I find strange about Korea. I am learning that it's better not to ask yourself 'why'?

1. Drunk old men sometimes hold hands and can be seen passed out on benches and on the street
2. Couples wear matching clothes
3. Guys carry their girlfriends’ purses
4. Public bathrooms usually have bars of soap, not liquid soap
5. Public bathrooms almost never have paper towels
6. People walk on the treadmills at the gym
7. People go for walks outdoors at slow speeds but swing their arms back and forth with intensity, and wear full hiking gear
8. People have their umbrellas out even when it is not sunny or rainy
9. Little kids get perms
10. Women bleach their skin

I will make a list of 10 awesome things about Korea later, because there are definitely plenty of those too!

Soju and oysters, anyone?

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